why Sell my tucson home myself?


Do you pay fair prices for properties?

I must purchase homes at a discount to make the transaction worthwhile. The cash offer I calculate will be better than fair and driven to create a win-win scenario. There is excellent value in selling your home and forgoing realtor fees, lengthy time on the market, cleanup, remodel, and the unexpected. 

How do you calculate the cash offer for my house?

The process I follow to reach your cash offer will always be fully disclosed. Location, repair costs, condition, and comparable (recent) house sale values are each factors which push and pull the number I offer. As you know, Tucson homes took a huge hit during the recession and have had difficulty recovering their full market value. Hopeful expectations can still be achieved. What I promise is a determination to reach the exact, best cash offer to meet your needs and I am always happy to show how I arrived at that number.

How much will it cost to sell my house?

After I have given you the top, best offer for your home, you have the option to continue the process to receive your cash or you can leave the deal. Either way, there will never be any fees or hidden costs when selling your home to me. Working with me will always be obligation free.

What are you planning for my home?

I purchase homes with a variety of intentions. An outcome for your property may include: 

Assigning the home to a person intending to fix and resell. Keeping the home for myself to fix and rent or keeping the home for myself to fix and live in. Buybybrian.com is a local resource for Tucson homes for sale by owner.

Why are you taking these risks?

Real estate is extremely competitive, risky and altogether challenging. In order to fulfill my dream of a fruitful and adventurous career in real estate, I have chosen to cater to:
Ā· People who recently inherited a property.

Ā· People facing divorce.

Ā· People facing foreclosure.

Ā· Those relocating due to work or other circumstances.

Ā· Individuals who can no longer handle the maintenance/upkeep of a property.

Ā· Those waiting far too long for their property to sell through traditional avenues.

Ā· Those who need sudden relief from lifeā€™s curveballs.

Simply put, this is a niche in the industry many/most people do not want to deal with which is exciting and empowering.

If any of this describes you then a simple and quick conversation with me will make your life much easier.

Does the condition affect the deal?

I am prepared to deal with whatever the condition your home is in. Many circumstances lead to homes being in disarray. I am understanding, and your story is safe with me. Ugly homes have exciting potential and I am thrilled to be a part of your real estate solution!

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Sell your AZ house yourself

What are the benefits of FSBO?

For sale by owner (also known as a FSBO) is a great way to simply sell your home yourself. If you do choose to go this route then www.buybybrian.com is the perfect resource for you. Buybybrian.com makes selling your home easier because you do not need to fix it/clean it, you do not pay agent fees and you get to walk with cash when you want. No need to make signs and wait for someone's financing to fall through! Call 520-333-7303 TODAY!

How can buybybrian.com help me sell my Tucson home myself?

Buybybrian.com works directly with rehabbers, stagers, estate sales professionals, contractors and real estate professionals to figure out the best, top cash offer for your Arizona home. The team involved with buybybrian.com specializes in fixing and cleaning. Together we are experts in solving your home problems. Contact today for an absolutely no obligations, no waiting, no problems cash offer for your home!

I'm done waiting for someone to buy, I just want cash for my Tucson house!

Selling your home can be easy. If you are thinking of attempting to sell your home with the help of a real estate agent but do not want to pay for it to be brought up to market standards, then, there is still a way to get top dollar for your property. Why wait and pay for the hopes that someone else will find you a buyer when www.buybybrian.com is here, waiting? Call 520-333-7303

Why can't I sell my Tucson home fast, the traditional way?

When people buy homes they typically are using financing. There are Federal and State regulations as well as individual bank regulations which each hold the buyer from being able to pay you. Houses today are taking an average of 50+ days sitting, waiting to sell http://www.tucsonrealtors.org/docs/default-source/Stats/statsdec2017.pdf?sfvrsn=2. If you are not able to go through this process (after the house has been fixed/cleaned/finished) then www.buybybrian.com is the perfect resource for you! Buybybrian.com will help you with an all cash offer -done in under 30 days! Call 520-333-7303

What does "cash for my Tucson house" mean?

Buybybrian.com is able to give you a lump sum of money for your home. This is people who are uninterested in owner financing or payment plans. You would want an all cash payout for your house in the 520 if you are interested in moving on -fast. When others will give you options to pay you which are in their favor, buybybrian.com wants to give you a check that you can deposit in a bank. No messing around, just money for you. 

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Who will buy my Tucson rental?

Buybybrian.com will buy your Tucson rental property. Selling a multifamily in the Old Pueblo can be difficult because the majority of homebuyers want to buy a single family. Because of this, you are forced to sell rentals at barebottom prices to investors. Also, tenants tend to destroy much of your property which requires heavy repairs to even get the chance to sell to those investors. Buybybrian.com can solve both of these problems with an all cash offer for your as-is rental. Call 520-256-0492 for a completely free, no obligations cash offer for your Tucson rental property in Arizona.