The Tucson foreclosure process

Stop foreclosure in Tucson, AZ

Stop foreclosure in Tucson, AZ

Foreclosure And What It Means For Tucson HomeownersšŸŒµ

Take action now. Those who lend others money to purchase a home have a system to recover their money when obligations are not met. This is called: foreclosure. The foreclosure process begins when mortgage payments are not being made. Typically after three (3) missed payments lenders will start the process. Without action, the lender will rightfully take the home and sell it at auction. Homeowners should seek help the day their mortgage payment can not be paid.

1-12 Months Without Paying MortgagešŸŒµ

From the first day a late payment is missed, late fees and the monthly dues begin to add up. The lender has the choice when they want to start the Foreclosure process. 

The Lender Decides to Start the Foreclosure ProcessšŸŒµ

The Lender gives a document called the Trustee Sales Notice to the county clerk's office. Within five (5) days of filing with the clerk, a copy of the Trustee Sales Notice must be mailed via certified mail to the lendee (the responsible party missing the mortgage payment). The phase which is sometimes called preforeclosure has now begun. Action to end preforeclosure must happen.

Without Action, The Home WILL Be Taken And AuctionedšŸŒµ

The Trustee Sales Notice will specify a future date which is no shorter than ninety (90) days from the date the lender filed with the County Clerk. All dues, charges and miscellaneous fees must be paid before the date of the auction to stop homes from being a Tucson foreclosure homes. Tucson homeowners who facing foreclosure who do not take action to solve their missed mortgage payments will lose their homes. Homes which are foreclosed upon in Tucson end up being auctioned off at the Pima County Superior Court (110 West Congress, Tucson, AZ 85701). This is where people buy Tucson foreclosures. 

What Happens To Tucsonans After Their House Has Been Auctioned?šŸŒµ

A problem unsolved. A lost home. A home problem which ended in a way that will stay around for years. Homeowners can expect to lose about one hundred (100) points off of their credit report for having a foreclosure in their history. For seven (7) years creditors will see the foreclosure and have to decide the risks involved with the lendee (hopefully not you).

What can homeowners facing foreclosure do?šŸŒµ

Take action. The Lender surely will not go away and once the process has started, if nothing is done to prevent it, it will happen. is prepared to help from the first missed payment. CLICK BELOW NOW!

šŸŒµ Take Action šŸŒµ

Stop foreclosure tucson

The bank will win

If the payments cannot be made then the bank or whoever is lending you money for your home will end up on top. Arizona homeowners facing foreclosure do have resources.

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